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A close-up of a grey Porsche against a white background.

European Performance was established in 1983 by Mickey Kramer Sr. and is still operated by him and his two sons, Mickey Jr. and Josh.

Mickey’s early background, back to his teenage years, was in machine work and drag racing. In the early 80’s he began doing conversions on European spec gray market cars. This entailed converting these cars to US DOT specs for safety and emissions. The business continued to grow through Porsche repair and performance work and servicing other European makes. For nearly four decades, Mickey has specialized in building air-cooled Porsche engines for street and racing applications for anything from resealing your 3.0L 911SC engine to building high horsepower 4.0L air-cooled race motors and EFI air-cooled turbo builds.
Three sports car parked outside a auto repair shop.

European Performance has worked hard to keep up with the ever-changing market of air-cooled Porsche.

As these cars continue to have increased desirability and value, they have evolved from performing mostly mechanical work to managing complete restorations of these vehicles to meet our customers’ needs. These services include everything from simply recovering seats and replacing worn carpeting to performing concours restorations. Concours restorations may involve as much complete disassembly of the vehicle to have the tub media blasted prior to receiving a full re-spray and reassembly. European Performance strives to offer the widest range of services on these special vehicles with the convenience of one-stop shopping.
In addition to meeting all of your mechanical repair needs, European Performance offers the following services:
A wide shot of a three cars on a two post lift inside an auto repair shop.
A close-up of a yellow-green Porsche against a white background.
European Performance is an authorized dealer for Dinan Performance BMW products, Softronic Porsche Tuning, Renntech Mercedes Tuning, Soul Performance, and Fabspeed products. (This list is ever-changing, so don’t hesitate to inquire).