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It is not safe to drive a car with a defective transmission.

Apart from the damage this could cause to your car, driving with a faulty transmission could lead to accidents. Before this happens, bring your car to European Performance for a full diagnosis.

European Performance has been in the service of car owners for almost four decades. With state-of-the-art equipment and factory computers needed for diagnostics, our transmission rebuild shop provides the highest quality services for rebuilding transmissions.

When Does Your Transmission Need to be Rebuilt?

Depending on the gravity of the issue, you will either be asked to (1) replace the transmission with a new unit or (2) rebuild and repair the transmission.

Transmission rebuilds usually come as a practical solution if simple processes like changing the transmission fluid or switching a solenoid pack do not resolve the problem immediately. Take note of the warning signs below:

Why Is Your Transmission Failing?

You have bad shifting habits. Shifting into drive or reverse while your car is not at a complete stop will damage your transmission.

You tow even though your car is not built for it. Do not attempt to tow if your car is not built to haul heavy loads.

Your transmission fluid is low. Transmission fluid is a lubricant for your gears. If they are not lubricated enough, your gears will grind, overheat, and fail.

You used the wrong transmission fluid. There are different types of transmission fluids formulated for different car transmissions. Using the wrong transmission fluid is no different from running low on transmission fluid. If you use the wrong one, your car will not get the lubrication that it needs.

The automatic transmission was installed incorrectly. The torque converter needs to be installed before mounting the transmission to the engine block, and there shouldn't be too much or too little space in between the flexplate and the torque converter.

What Goes On in the Transmission Rebuild Process?

Our transmission rebuild process includes:
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Your safety on the road should be your top priority. Have your transmission rebuilt by European Performance, the trusted transmission rebuild shop in St. Petersburg, FL. For inquiries about our services for transmission rebuilds, contact us at 727-823-4685, or you can email us. Visit us at 930 4th Avenue N St. Petersburg, FL.